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We always say you have to see ski jumping “in person” ... neither photos or video, nor TV coverage, can show you what this exciting sport really looks like.  But we’re going to give you some videos that will give you an idea of what you can expect to see at Pine Mountain!  Area info opens in a separate window
Long-standing competition, 2009 - the three longest flights Stefan Thurnbichler of Austria flies 143.5 meters (471 feet) Lukas Mueller of Austria flies 142.5 meters (468 feet) Lukas Mueller’s flight as seen from the bottom, looking up
Zak Hammill, Kiwanis Ski Club, flies 132 meters Gotta see it in person! These videos & photos are terrific, but you really have to see it for yourself.  The Pine Mountain Continental Cup is the ONLY international ski jumping competition series that appears in the US every year, it happens right here! The Continental Cup is second only to World Cup in terms of prestige, talent, and prize money.  Ski jumping is a hugely popular sport in the rest of the snow-sports world, drawing huge crowds for events, heavy prime-time TV coverage, and its popularity ranks with Formula One racing and professional soccer throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan.    It’s slowly gaining greater visibility in the USA ... and FIS, the body which governs snow sports worldwide, would like to see it expand in North America.  We’d like to invite YOU to experience the thrill of seeing athletes fly the length of a football field and a half, and hear the “whoosh” as they glide by ... just a few feet away from you!  
Aerial Video of 2011 Tournament
Snowing the Scaffold - 2012  Made with Xara - KJA & Assoc ©  Kiwanis Ski Club  2010-17  Kiwanis Ski Club jumpers Dan Englund & Elliot Maraccini Snow gun in action Snowmaking crew, 2012 Dave Maraccini, Bob Anderson Doug Richer, Lenny Walters, Cole Maraccini (standing), Dan Weaver.  Good job, guys! Dan Englund & Elliot Maraccin Snow gun in action Click photos to enlarge