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FIS (International Ski Federation) governs all ski and snowboard sports worldwide, and is the organization which grants a date each year to the Kiwanis Ski Club to hold a major international tournament. (click logo at left to visit each organization’s website) USA Nordic Skiing incorporates the men’s and women’s top level ski jumping and Nordic combined teams, and is committed to finding ways to grow the sport at all levels. Currently, team athletes are competing in Continental Cup and FIS Cup events. They send competitors to the Pine Mountain COC. USA Nordic works cooperatively with US Ski Associan to field teams for the Olympics and FIS World Championships. Other websites of interest: USA Nordic Skiing - US men’s ski jumping and Nordic Combined team - men and women - news & information about US ski jumping & American athletes - history website for ski jumping in the USA US National Ski Hall of Fame - includes all ski sports, located in Ishpeming MI - contains comprehensive catalog of ski jumps worldwide, both past and present. Over a hundred US jumps are listed ... it’s a real memory lane!
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