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The FIS Continental Cup Series
What is the Continental Cup? The International Ski Federation (FIS) sanctions the international Continental Cup Series, and determines the schedule and venues. The Continental Cup (COC) is second only to the World Cup series in prestige, visibility, and prize money. FIS Cup is the third tier of FIS international ski jumping competition. Pine Mountain has been awarded annual dates in the Continental Cup series for many years, and was awarded World Cup dates in both 1996 and 2000. It is one of the premier “large hill” ski jumping venues in North America, along with the two US Olympic facilities in Lake Placid and Park City, and Canada’s two Olympic jumping venues in Calgary and Vancouver. Hill Size & Scoring Explained Pine Mountain is equivalent in size to the larger of two jumps at an Olympic venue. It’s K-point, which the baseline for scoring, and the distance a good jumper should be expected to go, is 120 meters from the point of takeoff. That’s 394 feet. For an explation of hill size and scoring, CLICK HERE Pine Mountain’s current official distance record is 143.5 meters, 471 feet. Unofficially (not in scored competition), the longest flight is 148M (486 ft). The “hill size” (longest distance considered safe) is 133 meters. if jumpers exceed this distance during a competition round, the jury can require the start gate to be lowered, thus slowing takeoff speed. This is for the SAFETY of the remaining jumpers in that day’s competition.
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Photos by Mark Pontti, Ken Anderson, Pam Nelson
Chris Lamb, Anders Johnson KSC jumper Zak Hammill, Steve Mariucci State Sen Tom Casperson & wife Diane visit  with Steve Mariucci and his son, Stephen Alex Haupt, Nick Alexander Mike Glasder, Pete Frenette KSC’s Zak Hammill was  one of the forejumpers. Clint Jones, Casey Colby Coaches, USA Ski Jumping Trevor Wert, Nick Fairall
Scenes from Previous Continental Cups at Pine Mountain