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Learning to ski jump in 1947. The love of this sport starts young ... and it lasts a lifetime!
For some of our older members, this video will bring back great memories of how they learned this sport back in the late i940s. In fact, this newsreel was shot in Iron Mountain, and features several of our local jumpers. One of them, Willie Erickson, was on two Olympic teams and also competed at the FIS World Championships. It was Willie who identified the year for us! For many who’ve experienced the thrill of flight, whether at an elite competitive level, or just as a recreational amateur, there’s something that draws them back to the sport ... some as coaches, some as officials, some as hill crew volunteers, and some just as spectators. The dedicated crew at Kiwanis Ski Club has been putting on international competitions for many years, and “nobody does it better!”
About Kiwanis Ski Club
Our club has been presenting world-class ski jumping tournaments at Pine Mountain since the first one in 1939. Many North American distance records have been set here,by some of the best ski jumpers from the USA and many other countries. The Kiwanis Ski Club has proudly sent local jumpers to represent the USA in the Olympics and in the FIS World Championships, and many of them have been US National Champions in various classes, too. Our club has been the host for Continental Cup tournaments since 1990, and we’ve been honored to hold World Cup competitions in 1996 and 2000. It’s long been the only ski jumping venue in the United States which is awarded a competition date by FIS each year. It’s a huge commitment of manpower and finances ... all of which have to be expended prior to the first jumper coming down the slide. FIS has many requirements which must be met by the host club of a tournament in this upper-echelon series. We do what’s necessary to meet their requirements every season. Mother Nature’s cooperation is needed to successfully hold an event, but a few times she hasn’t been very helpful. The club sells entry buttons in advance at a discount, and the proceeds from those early sales, along with sponsor investments, helps set the stage for the arrival of outstanding ski jumpers from around the world. Occasionally, weather has forced postponement or cancellation of our tournaments, and as disappointed as our guests may be, we must ensure that the regulations of the sport’s governing body, FIS, are scrupulously followed to ensure the safety of the athletes. FIS officials are on site for every event, and they’ve always been complimentary regarding our club, our meticulous hill preparation and our guests. We’re pleased to provide “major league” ski jumping for our fans! Learn more about Pine Mountain and other jumps in the US and around the world on ... here’s a direct link to info about Pine Mountain. Kiwanis Ski Club Officers: KSC Members in American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame President Nick Blagec Therese Altobelli-Olsen, Johnny Bednarz, Charlie Benzie, Walt Vice President Dan Freeman Bietila, Nita Englund, Willie Erickson, Reuben Hamari, Eric Hiatt, Correspondence Susie Fox Jim House, Dr Paul Jacobs, Paulie Johnson, Mark Konopacke, Recording Secretary Patty DeClark Rudy Maki,George Pera, Dick Rahoi, Gary Sparpana, Butch Treasurer Paul Bujold Wedin, and sportswriter EO “Buck” Erickson. Hill Captain Kurt Massicotte KIWANIS SKI CLUB CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: 906.779.1110 (clubhouse) Mailing Address: PO Box 475, Iron Mountain, Mi 49801
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